Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm a Photographer.. hear me ROAR :)

You have been warned.. I'm not much of a blogger... so read at your own risk. :)  
So you ask.. what got up your butt and made you feel the need to blog?  Well here goes.. Like everyone in the world I love to have a good vent.  I try to keep my fan page and personal page drama free so why not fill my blog up with all the drama I can find.  HA!  Here we go..

Originality!  Such a fun word!  How many of you are REALLY original?  Everyday I see someones posts saying "They are so mad that so and so stole their idea, pose, location, etc etc."  I mean really?  With so many photographers in the world today.. literally one around every corner.. it is CRAZY hard to be original!  I mean I wonder how the photographer who invented the newborn hands on the chin pose feels now?   Please do NOT get me wrong.. I am all for being original.. I dislike straight copycats!  I think that if your going to try something that you have seen before.. try it.. BUT add your own little style and flair to it  and give credit when credit is due. 
I know it has to be frustrating to see an idea that you worked super hard on plastered all over the place by numerous photographers... WELL.. thing is.. when you post a photo on Pinterest, FB, Twitter and any other public site.. it's bound to happen.  Think of it as flattery.  Trust me.. I have dealt with this first hand over the last 7 years.  :)

Whew.. I feel better now.. that's my first vent.. and now that it is off my chest.. I can move on to another :)

Pricing!   I do NOT care what the photographers in my area charge.. nor do I care what the ones that are not in my area charge.  Why?  you ask.  Well first of all.. that is their business.  I'm not out to undercut anyone or to sweep the town making money.  I just love what I do and people love what I do.. and they hire me.  My prices are my business and my clients business.  I could care less if the lady down the street from me charges $10 for an hour with a disc.  I of course think she is undercharging.. but who am I to tell her she's a  "fauxtog" for doing so??   
I hear it everyday.. so and so charges this much and all the customers are going to her now.. well if your customers want to try something cheaper LET THEM.. I am SURE they have checked out the photographers work before hand and if that is all that is in their budget.. then frankly there is nothing you can do for them if your prices are $500 more than theirs.   We aren't MaryKay consultants.. once you provide a service for a client they CAN go to another photographer!   9 times out of 10... the clients will come back to you!    Maybe I'm confident in my work, clients and people skills.  Who knows.. but the whole pricing uproar just doesn't bother me as much.

MAN this feels great... I may have to blog more often! 
Please NO bashing here! 
All of you know I value quality work.. I think if you work hard, study, and learn your camera and programs you will go a long way!  I'm in no way shape or form saying anything bad about anybody! 

Hugs and Luvs to all of you!  Thanks for reading and who knows.. I may keep this blogging thing up :)

Nikki Jay


  1. I LOVE this blog Nikki! It's people like you that inspire me to continue on in photography. And thank you for saying all of that! Couldn't have said it better myself. I hope I could get the chance to cross paths or work with you one day.

    Mikki Leila

  2. Well well said Nikki!!! Keep this going. Most people won't say things like this and many are thinking it! I stalk yo.....I mean.....I glance at your FB page often and I see nothing but amazing talent!!

  3. You ROCK! Awesome blog, sweet daughter! Telling it like it is always makes you feel better! Frankly, I think you are the absolute best photographer in the universe! I am so proud of your awesome work! I've been telling you for years that one day you will be famous! You're ALREADY THERE! Your reputation as a remarkably talented and original photographer is what drives your fans and customers to keep coming back for more!