Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feature Photographer.. Darci Amundson

I am super excited to welcome Darci Amundson from Darci Amundson Photography as our very first Photographer Q&A feature!

I fell in love with her crisp clean style and was lost in her galleries for hours checking out all of her stunning work!

Welcome to the blog Darci!

All about Darci....

Born and raised in Polson, MT...population everyone knows everything about you.  Fell in love with photography in high school but never thought of it as a career because I didn't want to work in the darkroom.  Was a pharmacy tech for 8 years and worked in Montana, Scottsdale, AZ, and then moved to Denver in 2006.  For my first Christmas with Josh he got me my first digital camera and lens kit...I was in heaven!  I had never done portraits before but went to a pinup photography workshop and I was hooked!  That first year I learned all I could about lighting (studio lights were a whole new ball game for me), found every photoshop tutorial online I could get my hands on, then the ball jut started rolling.  Never in a million years did I ever think I would have my dream job.  I started my business part time in 2009, still working full time as a tech.  It wasn't until I was featured on groupon and got 84 new clients that I felt comfortable enough to go full time, that was May 2011.  Other than photography my boyfriend and I love to travel, go camping, and just hang out at home watching movies and cooking
Q. Is there a Mr. Amundson? Kids?
A.  Not married, no kids. My boyfriend and I are having our 4th Anniversary on Valentines Day...I met him at an anti-Valentines Day Party ironically. We have one fur-kid, Flex, he's a boxer/cattle dog.

Q.  Where are you located.. do you have a studio?

A.  I have a studio but I do all of my sessions on location except my Boudoir and newborn-9 month sessions...Denver is too beautiful not to be outside!

Q. What line of photography do you specialize in?

A.  I do pretty much everything BUT weddings! I specialize in photography for females so I get a lot of Boudoir, pin up, and maternity. I also LOVE main focus this year! I have been featured on Groupon and Living Social so that brought me a lot of families.

Q.  Whats in your bag?

A. Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 70-200 IS II, 3 pocket wizards, light meter, reflector.

Q. Favorite Lens and why?

A.  I gotta go with my big guns...80% of the time I'm using my Canon 70-200 IS II...I LOVE the DOF with this lens and can give my clients their space so I don't feel like I'm in their bubble.

Q.  Raw or Jpeg?

A. RAW all the time!!

Q. How long did it take you to discover your style?

A.  My style is always evolving.  I love playing with textures but that doesn't work with every session.  I also am in love with the Vintage look, but once again it just doesn't fit every client's personality and style.

Q.  Where does the inspiration for your sessions come from?

A.  It definitely starts with my clients.  When I get to know their style, whether they are wanting a beautiful nature scene or more downtown/urban grunge, that's where I get inspired and push my creativity for a more personal session for them.  I also have a photography group that has over 300 photographer members and I set up themed shoots.  I get inspired by little things, the cover of Vogue, an episode of America's Next Top Model, I also have an amazing makeup artist, Rebekah Trigg, who always takes my visions to a whole other level!

Q. What photographers do you admire?

A.  I'm really focusing on my High School Senior Market this year so I learn a lot from Rod Evans, Beth Forrester, Blaine Phillips, and Brianne Graham.

Q. How do you relax your clients.. do you  help pose them?

A.  I am a people person.  I definitely can joke around and just have fun with my clients so they can relax and enjoy their experience with me.  I like to guide my clients into poses that really work at the beginning of the session.  I've been told they really appreciate the guidance and it keeps me in control of the session.  Don't get me wrong I love the "candid" shots but you still have to guide them into those to get the right lighting and angles.

Q.  If you could take any workshop what one would you take?

A.  I LOVE Tri Coast Photography's lighting techniques with speedlites.  I've heard them speak a few times now at Imaging USA and would love a hands on workshop with them.

Q.  If you could pick anywhere in the world to do a photo session at where would it be?

A.  You know that scene in The Notebook where he rows out to the lake filled with swans...that's where I want to do a shoot!

Q. If shooting in the studio.. natural or studio lights?

A. Studio lights but I keep it pretty simple usually only a 1 or 2 light setup.

Q.  Whats something you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

A. Flash website suck for SEO!!!  I had no idea and I have 3 of them!lol  I'm now struggling on finding ways to increase my SEO without having to completely re-do my websites but I may just have to bite the bullet one of these days and start from scratch.

Q. What editing programs do you use?

A. CS5, love my actions!  Also use NIK software, Topaz Labs, and Imagenomic plugins.

Q. If you could name your style, what would it be?

A. style may be edgy and trendy for a senior, Vintage & Romantic for a couple, and Modern for a family.  I like to be able to fit into my client's style rather than the other way around.

Q. What advice can you give newcomers just starting out?

A.  Don't give your work away!  Your time and talent is worth something so you must remember to PAY YOURSELF!  Research how to effectively price your prints and products to make a profit. 

That concludes our Q&A session with Ms. Darci.. if you would like to follow her work please click on the link below and become a fan on her FB page.

Thanks again to Darci Amundson Photography for being our very first Feature photographer Q&A!

If you think you have what it takes to be on the next feature please email me at for details!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Photographers Dream Giveaway.. Winners (re-draw for unclaimed prizes)

Here we go again...

Can't believe how many unclaimed prizes were left!  I guess that's good for those of you wanting another chance! :)

Here we go..  New winners!

Cheeky Charlies.. and the winner is... Paula Lynell

Stella & Dot Jewelry.. and the winner is... Jesse Geddes

Alicia's Sew Amazing Creations.. and the winner is... Jillian Dayle

Cupcake Sprinkles... and the winner is... Bridget Carlson

Creative Crochets... and the winner is... Melanie Briggs

Fototale Designs... and the winner is... Kayla Nelson

Kristi Nicole Photography... and the winner is.. Genevieve Einwalter

Vintage Lucy's... and the winner is... Misty Fugate

Congrats NEW winners!

You have until 1/22/12 @ 5pm to claim your prize!

Please do not contact the vendors directly.  If your a winner please email me to claim your prize and the vendor will then be in contact with you.

Unclaimed prizes will be redrawn on Jan 22nd.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photographers Dream Giveaway.. {{WINNERS}}

I know you guys are EXCITED!  I would have loved to win anyone of these prizes!

Please note that there are 20 winners.. The grand prize winner will receive 9 prizes!! WOW!
19 other very lucky winners will receive the item listed with their name.

Please follow the directions at the bottom of the page before contacting the vendors directly.

Okay here we go....

Grand Prize Winner!!!

{{Autumn Reynolds}}

you win....

Studio Baby Posing prop
Princess and the Pea
Oh so Posh
Clickin Moms
Laila n' Zoe
Little Sugar Knits
Popcorn Pixels
Splash of Color by Moonlight
Made with Love Newborn headbands and hippie tie backs!!

WOW congrats Autumn!!!

Now for our individual winners...

1. Rebecca Roller... you win... Wild Hearts Photography

2. MAK Images... you win... Cheeky Charlies Boutique

3. Becca Phipps... you win... Vintage Lucy's

4. Brandi Branham... you win...Nugget baby beanies

5. The Neely Clan... you win... Stella and Dot Jewelry

6. Rebecka Brown... you win... Alicias Sew Amazing creations

7. Davina Gruenstein... you win... Ginny Haupert Textures

8. Kaley Jones... you win... Kaptured by Karly

9. Andrea Halsell... you WIN... Cupcake Sprinkles

10. Jessika Lee... you WIN... Jilly Bean

11. Cassandra Hayes... you WIN... Sassy Stitches

12. Otter Love Photography... you WIN... Designs by Mollie

13. Annie E.... you WIN... Daisy Kay Designs

14. Sarah Wilkey... you WIN... Little knit Lovey

15. Tiffany M.... you WIN... Creative Crochets

16. Kelli Dunn... you WIN...  The Modern Knot

17. Samantha Coleman... you WIN... Fototale  Designs

18. Traci Sigrest... you WIN... Kristi Nicole Photography, Action

19. Bianca Morello... you WIN... Fallyn Angel Photography/Fashion touch.. hat.

That's ALOT of winners!  CONGRATS to each and everyone of you!!

Okay here are the RULES.. please make sure you follow these rules very carefully!

If your a winner... PLEASE email ME and let me know who you are and what you won.  You MUST email me first so that I can verify with the vendor who you are.

Your vendor will get in contact with you!

You have until Jan 20th at noon to claim your prize.. if prize is left unclaimed a new winner will be drawn.. no exceptions!

Thank you all for participating in my very first giveaway..  A new giveaway will launch around Valentines day so stay tuned! :)