Friday, January 20, 2012

Photographers Dream Giveaway.. Winners (re-draw for unclaimed prizes)

Here we go again...

Can't believe how many unclaimed prizes were left!  I guess that's good for those of you wanting another chance! :)

Here we go..  New winners!

Cheeky Charlies.. and the winner is... Paula Lynell

Stella & Dot Jewelry.. and the winner is... Jesse Geddes

Alicia's Sew Amazing Creations.. and the winner is... Jillian Dayle

Cupcake Sprinkles... and the winner is... Bridget Carlson

Creative Crochets... and the winner is... Melanie Briggs

Fototale Designs... and the winner is... Kayla Nelson

Kristi Nicole Photography... and the winner is.. Genevieve Einwalter

Vintage Lucy's... and the winner is... Misty Fugate

Congrats NEW winners!

You have until 1/22/12 @ 5pm to claim your prize!

Please do not contact the vendors directly.  If your a winner please email me to claim your prize and the vendor will then be in contact with you.

Unclaimed prizes will be redrawn on Jan 22nd.

1 comment:

  1. Wow... oh well, didn't win this time either. Congrats to the new winners :o)